dl380p g8 v3.x

So you finally got the new fancy 3.x mod with no issues and easy installation 😀

Well lets get started with installing it.

Before ordering you should check if you have any fans with thick or thin ears on the connector. If you have thin ones then you need to get the 0.6mm one otherwise 1.6mm is bit stronger. I have only 1 fan with thin ears on connector and it’s PN ended with -002 but there might be other ones aswell.

I used mod board 3.0 for illustration purposes since I already have pics of those and only difference to 3.1 mod is that 3.1 will have 1 extra wire on 1 mod that hooks up to VIN on arduino.

Installation is mostly same as 2.0 mod so after reading this you can follow the 2.0 tutorial while keeping this one in mind.

Firstly you need to remove the connectors from the fans, for that check the dl380p 2.0 guide

I made the fans more “plug and play” by routing the wire from inside the fan cage. You can still route it the old way or the way shown in next image.

It is bit tricky to get the wire to go trough that plastic but you can squeeze the sides so the red plastic will bend a little to allow more space for the wire.

After carefully inserting the mod center the connector or it might break when installing the fan.

You can now insert the fans. the fan with 2 wires will be the fan 6. Also make note of the +12v cable or you might fry your arduino(the wire where it has the little “2” above it on the board, or the one farther from the edge of the board)

If you are not sure which one is which DO NOT TAKE CHANCES, email me instead 🙂