dl380e g8 mod (v2.0)

Mod boards

Installing the mod

Firstly you should do a quality check on the boards, of course I check them but maybe I missed something, like a solder joint etc.

Trust, but verify

The mod itself is simple to install and should take no more than half a hour. Or I guess it can take longer if you want to properly cable manage it and make it look good 😀



Unplug the fan wires from the motherboard and plug in the mod boards with overhang facing towards front of the server (shown on image).

Mod plugged in

Next plug in the fan wire to the mod the same way as it was on the motherboard.

Make sure you install it properly and not a row off. I have illustrated it in the following image, the right fan(A or FAN1) is installed correctly but left one (B or FAN2) Is one row off. If you install it incorrectly you could fry your fan or motherboard.

I once shorted fan pins when developing the mod and server survived but better safe than sorry.

Fan installed correctly and incorrectly

Next you can install the arduino, but I recommend taping its pins or mounting it safely so it does not short anywhere, I taped the bottom of my arduino UNO as shown in following image.

Arduino taped

Now you can find a place to your arduino and route its internal usb wire so it doesnt get into the way of airflow. You can see on the iage how I placed the arduino, that place is good because it does not get in the way of airflow and I can easily route wires to each fan board. Then you can just cut down the wires, strip them and insert them into the arduino pins. You need to insert the wires into following arduin pins(pwm capable pins): 3,5,6,9,10,11. Then you can make it look nice and congratulations you have installed the mod 😀

Test it before closing the case, every fan should spin up at low speed(15%) and server should boot with no fan errors. If you have issues then I have provided some troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this page.

Arduino placement


Fan not spinning up: Check all connections and check that you installed the fan cable correctly.

Fan spinning at full speed: Check cable from Arduino to fan board, if it is on correct pin, Also check if arduino is powering up. Did you remember to flash the arduino before putting it in?

Arduino not powering up: Check the arduino with no fan modules connected. Then I recommend checking short from fanmod cable to ground or just plug in fan modules one by one and see which one is having trouble. Check if fan on  that mod is installed correclty.

iLO Failing to detect the fan: Check connections and wiggle the fan mod around.


If the steps dont help, contact me!

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