Before installing the mod

What you need:

  • Arduino with atmega328p MCU
  • Mod boards
  • Something to cut and strip wires with
  • 30-60 minutes

I recommend arduino UNO since it has the pin sockets so you can plug in the wires from the board without soldering. A nano works too but then you have to solder. Also the arduino should have atmega328p MCU, I havent tested the newer arduinos with different chips. Best IMO for this are chinese arduino clones since they cost less than 5 euros and usually have atmega328p.

Also if you are using a toasty RAID controller (like p420(i)) then get a small fan blowing onto it or WILL overheat and the whole server will shut down. I have a fan in my dl380e g8 blowing onto its p420 and it stays under 50c and fan isnt audible at all.

Before installing the mod you need to flash the arduino. For that you need arduino id from here and the arduino project from here, it is currently in my GitLab, I have it in GitHub also but currently only maintaining the code in GitLab so get it from there 🙂

For actually flasing the Arduino just follow a guide from online since on different boards and operating systems the process is different.

And NOW you can start installing the mod boards 😀