The fan mod has come to an end – for now atleast.

I recently got a full time job at a factory as a assembler and I work 8 hour days and have 4-5 free hours in my day. So I dont really have the energy to do more assembling at home. And the profits were low anyways since I did this mod because I wanted other ppl to enjoy their Proliants too cuz I love them. So for now I will stop building the modules.

I still have 200 euros worth of parts so I will start selling diy kits or if anyone wants to I can send them the parts for way less than what I paid for them myself so they can continune helping people. Contact me if you are intersted 🙂

I still will develop the mod for new servers for example currently working on dl180 g6 but progress will be much slower. And of course I will help people who have the mod with problems and if you get a broken module then I will refund.

I will maybe start building them myself again sometime but maybe not, my life is a mess now and gotta figure some stuff out before I can really do any side projects.

I am really sorry about not being responsible and shutting this all down in time and making people wait for a month to hear this from me.

I hope that you all understand – and again I will refund you if you have issues with the hardware.

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