Fan mods for sale!

I finally got the mods good enough so I can sell them 😀

Currently I got mods only for dl380e g8 and dl380p g8 (might work with some other servers?), but maybe will create a mod for dl360e aswell since thats another server that I have and current mods wont work with it.

DL380p g8 mod works with dl380e g8 also and with other servers that use same fan.

I put the mods already up for sale, but you will have to wait like 1 week extra since I dont have enough connectors and will order some as soon as I get an order.

I will also post tutorials very soon on how to install the mod.

If you want your server to be supported then contact me and send me some pics of the connector etc. and I’ll see what I can do 😉

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