Update about new fanmod prototypes

Finally I got the 2.0 prototypes from JLCPCB, now I just need to get some money to buy the connectors from mouser. I already ordered some cheaper ones from ebay but they will take a while to arrive. So if anyone is really in a hurry, then donations will help to make this process faster 😀

DL380e G8 mod I am 99% confident with that it works, I triple checked pinouts:)

DL380p G8 (on fan) fan mod still could do with some tweaks since now made it little bit too small so it could fall out easily. It can be secured in place probably with tape or hot glue so it still should be better than v1 prototype.

I have been using the first prototypes in my DL380p G8, but they are really annoying. I managed to damage 1 connector so no matter what the server does not detect the fan, and lik 3-4 other boards have connection issues so if i bump the server random fans arent detected by the server and it shuts down. But v2 should be better since I will be using THT connectors instead of SMD, for that I moved the male connector that goes into the fan off the board because it wouldnt have fit otherwise. Now it will be little bit messy, but it will be hidden under the fan 🙂


I also will probably release board files soon. And python controller script needs final touches and is ready aswell 🙂 I actually use it on my dl380p and it works really well. With 2xe5-2650 95w cpus it stays pretty quiet with no load in summer heat. I wanted it to be quieter so sacrificed some temperature for that, cpus get up to 68c max with not that bad noise when under max (static) load, when playing GTA V the fans are at 15-20% and cpus are around 60c. Also I have case open now because I am scared if I put the lid on the fans will get loose and I need to reopen the case. With closed case the temps would be better.


Also if you want support for other servers, contact me and tell what server you have and take pics of the fan connector area if you can 🙂

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