Update for dl380e g8 and dl380p g8

So after the fail of the first prototype, I made new versions for both and just ordered the pcbs from jlcpcb. They will take 1-2 weeks to arrive again probably.

The reason they failed is that i used SMD connectors and they werent deep enough for dl380p fan connector and didnt make proper contact, I will start using THT ones so they can be installed further from board and I have more and cheaper options. For dl380p I also moved the connector that goes into the fan off the board, now it will be on a wire to make the mod board fit better. For dl380e they didnt work the way I wanted to sicne the pinout between fan itself and the dl380e motherboard and fan board is different for some reason. I made a totally different design that will fit much better. Unfortunately it wont work on dl360e, but I have some ideas for that server aswell 🙂


I will try to source some cheaper trough hole connectors since I will be switching to THT, I already found some super cheap ones on aliexpress but I have to test them before I can sell the PCB-s with them and they take ages to arrive.


Currently I will buy connectors from mouser for first batches. So dl380e board should be ready to go in 1-2 weeks. I need to test the v2.0 of dl380p board to make sure it works properly this time around, if it does it will be also ready to go when dl380e one is. I will open a online shop on this page then.


I will release the arduino source in 1-2 days maximum and the PCB files once I verify that they work properly. I need to work on the python controller code still, but I will try to release it asap too.


If you want to get some other proliant or any server quieted down then contact me and be ready to send images and find out the pinout of the fan 🙂


Also donations are appriciated so I can deticate more of my time to creating mods for different servers 🙂

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