Month: June 2020

Update about new fanmod prototypes

Finally I got the 2.0 prototypes from JLCPCB, now I just need to get some money to buy the connectors from mouser. I already ordered some cheaper ones from ebay but they will take a while to arrive. So if anyone is really in a hurry, then donations will help to make this process faster …

Arduino code released

Update for dl380e g8 and dl380p g8

So after the fail of the first prototype, I made new versions for both and just ordered the pcbs from jlcpcb. They will take 1-2 weeks to arrive again probably. The reason they failed is that i used SMD connectors and they werent deep enough for dl380p fan connector and didnt make proper contact, I …

Fan mod installed

Fanmod Prototype installation guide(dl380e g8,dl380p g8)